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Mama Spider’s got a New Studio!

April 29, 2010

Yes, it’s true! Springtime has brought me into a new space for my studio, and I am soooo happy about it!

My old space was a funky old garage in the front of Willow Springs…cold and drafty in the winter.  And nothing but noisy motorcycle traffic noise in the summer, as folks on Harley’s would cruise up Highway 49 up into the hills for a day ride. Not so relaxing for weaving, although i would always get a few curious looks as i would weave or spin with the doors wide open!  The road so close was always unnerving, especially with my kids sometimes playing out front while i wove.  My intuition and fears about that road came to reality when my year old Border Collie dog named Cowboy was struck by a car just outside my studio. Fortunately he survived without hardly a scratch, but I knew that this was a sign that I couldn’t have my studio there much longer.

Well, due to a whole heap of circumstances, I was given the opportunity to move to a new space within the Willow Springs Art collective, and I jumped on it.  The new space was smaller ( so a few borrowed looms would have to go back to my weaving teacher.), but was well insulated with a nice wooden floor and cheery orange walls.  Easy to heat, with a big sunny window that looks out at the community gardens at Willow Springs, will a gate all around to provide a safe and shady space for my kids and dog to play!!!  YAY!  the bonus is that with this new space I have access to the community kitchen for water for dye pots, and a nice place to make tea and snacks on long weaving days or evenings.

You wanna see some pictures?

Here’s my carding corner….

and here’s a view from the back of the room. You can see the attached kitchen thru the doors, and my “Beast” of a loom on the left ( 12 harness, 60″ wide!!) with a few rigid heddle looms propped up on it.

I can’t wait to host some dye days and classes here.  Perhaps even some craft nites.  it’s a much cozier space, and it’s been fun to make it comfortable with a nice layout to get lots of work done!   Willow Springs is hosting a “Living Skills” Day, and I will be teaching spinning, weaving, and dyeing.  The event is on June 26th.  Hope to see some of you there!

On the knitting front, I just finished my February Lady Vest from handspun yarn…

More details of this can be found on my Ravelry Project Page..

It was a fun knit, and I used just about every last inch of handspun to finish it.  We’ve had late rains here in California, with some cold hail today, so I am enjoying my last chances to wear my new wooly vest..soon it will hibernate in the cedar chest during the long hot summer…soon it will be time to knit and weave cotton garments…

And I have a new warp to share:

I handpainted some warp chains, with the intention of making yardcloth for a shirt for myself.  I will share with you soon the finished cloth, as the weaving is going fast, as plain weave does!  Painting warps is lots of fun, and I will be posting a tutorial on it in the near future!

Until next time, happy spring!!

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  1. April 29, 2010 3:23 pm

    congrats on the new studio! so cozy- can’t wait to have fun with you in there-color explosion!!! your feb. lady sweater turned out great!!!

  2. beryl moody permalink
    May 9, 2010 3:30 pm

    Looks like a wonderful space. I’ll have to stop by some time to visit you in your studio.

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