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New Sweaters!

February 3, 2011

This new year brings two new sweaters!

The first is the Fairwind Cardigan.  Inspired by Woolydaisy, our knit night group decided to embark on a knit-along.  Each of us chose a different yarn, and we set to make this stunning sweater.

This is by far the most fancy sweater I own. I almost am scared to wear it, for fear of mussing it up with food stains, paint splatters from the little ones, or firewood snag, or dirt from the garden…I am notorious for wrecking up all my clothes with this country lifestyle.  Here’s hoping that this sweater avoids that fate, and can accompany me on some of my more refined adventures!  LoL!







Next, I knit a  sweater by the same designer, Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  Idlewood is a lovely tunic with a cozy oversized cowl neck.

Like the yarn I used?  It has a great story to it….Several years ago, my grandmother gifted me all of her knitting stash and tools shortly before her death.  In one of her bins of yarn was 1500 yds of 100% soft merino wool she had gotten on clearance from Joann’s Fabrics.  Reason why it was on clearance was that it was the most hideous shade of pastel mint green.  My sweet grandma couldn’t pass up such a deal on 100% wool yarn ( thankfully she was a yarn snob too, and turned her nose down at acrylic yarns!), so she bought it and stashed it away.  Well, of course I had to find some way to use this good yarn, so I threw it all into a dyepot with Sabraset Dye in the Mustard colorway (3 depth of shade) and voila! Soft yarn in a kettle dyed colorway I could actually wear without looking nauseated.  Thanks Grandma!

My husband Gordon took the photos at such a beautiful time in the evening with the golden glow of sunset.  I am sure he thinks I am nuts for wanting to do a photoshoot of sweaters, but he loves me and puts up with all my nutty behaviours when it comes to all things fiber related! 😉

I have two more sweaters planned from stash yarn…next up is Sabine wrap from Cocoknits. I scored this pattern and a divine skein of yarn from my trip to Verb for Keeping Yarn Store in Oakland.

And I also have plans to knit the Tephra pullover with a lovely burnt orange yarn I scored at WEBS last year.

This sweater knitting thing is sure addictive, and a great way to plow through stash yarn.


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